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• Deh Long Journey ♥
Saturday, June 20, 2009 ' ♥
the ended love; 4:08 PM

im back~ =p
had just done my pbsm so-called "first aid test" in sch
and i passed.
*cheerss..~ xD!
(actually .... every1 passed.... -.-"* )
this mean tht ill hv a higher post or smtg in the community.
blah~ dun really care tho. cuz its my final year anyway.
but, i still think tht the whole thing was a waste of time.
* crapppssss!
we did theory exam. wtfff~ =.="
i was expecting for practical first aid test laaaahh~...
at least assessing us practically would be much fun& challenging.
we could do CPR and learn bandages & stuff.
but...theory....*roll eyes @.@" we gota sit in class for hours listening to craps before taking the paper.
( and guess wht, tht guy who examine us said tht pulmonary vein carries deoxygenated blood to the heart. omwtf~ i answered oxygenated blood but he said wrong . zZzZ. )
k, whtever...glad tht im back home xD