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♥ Let love start .

• Deh Long Journey ♥
Tuesday, March 3, 2009 ' ♥
the ended love; 9:29 PM

hey people,
(hmm...are there any ppl here anyway? =/)
whtever larh~
just feel like sharing this quote of mine


all these that revolve needs a little more appreciation towards
the L-O-V-E..

this is so true cuz we dont know when would we lose our loves one.
and poeple would only start realising & regreting after they had lose them.
which is pretty pointless.
this aint an ordinary quote or saying.
this is what i feel
as something had happened
& make me realise it.
its truly from my heart.
& i really mean it.


i hope you would appreciate us more.
i cant be the only one giving.
my heart aint that strong anymore.

k...updates about me..
hmm..I AM currently BLANK !
LoL...school runs as usual.
activities are still in progress.
tho im abit left out
due to my laziness of attending it
& sports day is coming REAL SOON !
its this saturday
which im not really expecting MUCH from it
kawad prac is such a failure.
n all of us would be deadmeat on tht day
*pls bless us on tht day. n hold ur laughter =/ *
i used to look forward to sports day every year.
but this year is exceptional.
mayb cuz those seniors had left.
things went outta control.
totally dumbfounded.
k, whtever...back to studies
intervensi is over
my results are out.
bt still nt getting my grades yet.
overall, im quite satisfy with it. except FOR BIO !
it was a disaster . lol.. but luckily i didnt get a " F " =D
intervensi was easy with tips,clues & hints passing round n round the sch
n now you poeple finally know why im satisfy with it, right?
*wink! =p
bout things revolved in friendship n relationship.
i really dunno how to describe it
maybe i should say
its outta control?
ahhh..but its not like i can control it anyhow.
just let the flow flows ,thought.
i seriously hv no idea of handling it.
natural is the best =D
its life &
i guess i should be living in the way it should be.
*atyq, cut down some of ur emoness,would you?*
thts for now


& my b'day greetings to cheryl -

HaPpY B'day CheRyL deaR !!


a friend of mine since grade one.

to describe her,

- she's fabulous =D

enjoy ur seventeen babe! ^^