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Sunday, February 15, 2009 ' ♥
the ended love; 8:33 AM

happy valentine day everyone!!
i know its over.but i still wana spread the L-O-V-E kay? =p
for me, valentine is all about spending our time with our loves one
&this doesnt mean that you must have a boy or girl friend to celebrate with
*which many ppl think so* -.-
even tho u dun have a partner,but hey,,there are still friends around you that care&love you rightt? so dun take them as granted& go emo alone at the corner . ;p
*cuz i've seen such before!* LOL.
so peoplee, pls remember tht,,,we could always share our love with friends too =D

kay,time to talk bout my valentine. *excited*heeheee

yesterday was a schooling day.goin to school on valentine seems sucks to many ppl but it turned out pretty WONDERFUL to everyone(well,at least it is for me^^). &im glad tht i had to go to sch on tht day...cus i could see all the lurrvee&gifts happenings. girls blushes when boys came into class & giv them their present in front of everyone..haha...it happened in my class kay? & every1 was c-h-e-e-r-i-n-g for 'em! woohoo xD &im glad too bcus its my LAST valentine in SCHOOL ! as for seniors, we couldnt have the chance to celebrate tht special day in school anymore...so,i really treasure tht day.&im happy to say that my friends&the one i love did too.
all of 'em came to sch excitedly. went round class giving gifts&presents. choc & roses were the popular ones. some even receive teddy&cute soft toys ;) . n i've to say tht one of my classmate even prepared pasta for all of us..*she cooked it all by herself* aww..so sweet of her :) &it taste really nice.
as for me, its a special friendship bonding day with 2 of my special frens. one of em' got us 3 a same-type-but-diff-colour phonechain. then we wrote short notes to each other.*expressing our love kay...& we arent less! =p* &happy to say tht i love it. thanks alot.
cuz now i really know what true friends are. & i've found my true friends too ^^

now,talking bout love. i was happy on that day too cuz i get to spend my valentine with him. although this isnt our 1st V'day but it is our 1st time spending this day together. what he've done for me, i should say i was touched&happy of course. it turned out to be surprising&wonderful when i 1st saw the gift.&looking at his ''innocent'' face, made me felt lucky wht he've done for me. i love it =)

& nt forgetting our special code 459 573 c=

thanks babe