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• Deh Long Journey ♥
Monday, December 15, 2008 ' ♥
the ended love; 11:35 PM

yes.i finally have the time to settle down in front of the com & have a lil time of mine.
it has been a tough day ,at least it is for me.compared to the last few weeks of holidays...
today,i've been helping out my mom doing house chores n've been gardening for the whole evening. it got me all so damn sweaty sticky n icky...eew.gadening really isnt my thing.imagine that,working under the sun.the weather is so damn freaking hot.sweat kept pouring like nobody business,making ur body so sticky.n uncomfortable&itchy as well.plus i gota weed the grass or soil or what-so-ever.with bugs stucking out all round.yuck. couldnt stand it..typical girls,i guess.ah..but whatever tho,just wana help my mum out.since she'd been gardening herself for the week.she badly wana get the garden done.lol..redecorating it isnt easy.stressful n tiring tho.usually i would be in the house watching tv or stuff but today i just bumped round helping her.aww..such a goodie girl today.i even tried helping out in da kitchen.washing veg cutting it then cooking.but sadly for my butter fingers,things got messed up.lol..n i got myself a cut..it hurts larhx.grr...hahax..n being in the kitchen isnt my thing too.booo! xD aha...nyway..i got this very cute dragonfly thingie from my keyboard teacher.she got it from vietnam..hhaha.n she said it has got good balancing.it could banance well even if its placed at the tip of smtg =) i like it! xoxo.thx fer da gift.
n i realised there's so much things goin on this week.plan of the week-
tues:club . tuition
wed:sunway*shopping!! .yay~
thurs:time square*to get my phone repaired.freakingly fragile keypad!every number crack.wtf!
fri:tuition tuition tuition...3 tuition.stupiaakkk!
sat:gota myself a new haircut.grrr..
sun:dinner with relatives..wee~

camwhore of the week:

happy bday grandpa xD

the silliness out of them


i love that dress..=(