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♥ Let love start .

• Deh Long Journey ♥
Sunday, December 7, 2008 ' ♥
the ended love; 5:44 PM

Tagged by edward

Do you mind, if your opposite gender partner:
Go clubbing: do what he likes laaa..
Smoke: no smoking
Is an alcoholic: mind ,but if its occasional then its okay.
Do drug: eew..i wont choose him then..
Did sex before: LOL..idk
Watch porn: lol..even nerd watch b4
Steal something you like for you: aha...buy it will do
Skipped work/ classes just to meet you: touched !
Forget about anniversary: =.= duh...i mind
Use all his savings to plan a surprise for anniversary: wee...touched again xD
Bought a very ugly clothing for present: appreciate it anyway..

If your opposite gender lied about the following situation, what action will you take?
It is middle of the night, he/ she told you that he/ she is going to bed, but instead he went out with friends: whoa....mad la..why should he lie bout that? lol...jz tell the truth will do..
Your opposite gender told you that he/ she is going out with a friend that you know, but you saw him/ her in the mall with his ex- boyfriend/ girlfriend: =.= go to hell ~

Describe your ideal opposite gender:
hmm...ideal...i guess he could be sensible , caring , fun to be with
and most importantly he loves me. =D

I tag :
lazy tag ppl.
anyone can do this tag :)

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