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♥ Let love start .

• Deh Long Journey ♥
Wednesday, December 3, 2008 ' ♥
the ended love; 7:22 PM

GAWD !!! this is the NOISIEST day in my life ~ =.=!!

... W T H ...
oh holly great ~
my house had turned into my bro's fren territory...they totally RULED it..as if that's their house. they occupied the com the whole house my elec keyboard n even my PRECIOUS phone ?! wth....my phone weiiii.having fun open close open close it.......n guess what did i do? -----spend the whole day in my room having a headache and was trying to get some sleep ~BUT they were making so much NOISE, yelling shouting screaming playing like mad. n i was like - dot dot dot...totally speachelss n stunned~yeah..i know how standard five behave~ but i just couldnt stand their laughter~
oh yea.....and not forgetting to mention that THEY FINISHED up my dinner as well....eeeekkkkk....my mum made pizza...mmm...sounds delicious rite? but there is NOTHING left for me
WTH....am i her daughter or not...grrr~
yeah...im blogging now....eating my dinner but no PIZZA left for me
i wan my pizza =C !!!!!! *sobx*
gahhh...i cant stand the NOISE !!!!!!!!!
oh hale yes ... they totally RULE for the day...

* defeated *


that's my 'wonderful' day ~
the end
* clappppppppp ~

****************************************=) *****************************************
Tagged by shawn.
First Name:
uhhh....amanda.duh~ who doesn't know this?! xD LOL
erm..a list from A-Z *wink~
Name you wish you had :
im satisfy wif my name~
What do people normally mistake your name as :
Time of Birth:
=.= midnight i guess..
Single or taken :
Zodiac sign:
-Your Appearence-
How tall are you -
don ask..xD
Wish you were taller -
yeah....i wana be a model...haha =p like i get to anyway...
Eye color -
Eye color you want -
i love blue n shimmering eyes =p
Natural hair color -
Current hair color -
Short or long hair -
short la....can c from my pic wadddd.. ~
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color -
nah ~ *i wish it was pink !!
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair -
Glasses or contacts -
shhh..i hate glasses =(
Do you wear make-up -
Ever had hair extensions -
o.O!! ~
Paint your nails -
with colours !
-In the opposite gender-
What color eyes -
any color
What color hair -
anything?as long as it looks good
Shy or Outgoing -
Looks or personality -
haaa...gud ques...xD nt gona tell u
Sexy or Cute -
lol ? both la of cuz
Serious or Fun -
Older or Younger than you -
er....idk...who would know wad happen if love strucks? lol
A turn on -
hottie xD lol
A turn off -
jerk !
-This or that-
Flowers or Chocolates -
diamonds !!!! =p
Pepsi or Coke -
er...i prefer starbucks . LOL!
Rap or Rock -
no rap~
Relationship or One night stand -
dot dot dot .....
School or Work -
Love or Money -
no love no money. no money no love xD
Movies or Music -
Country or City -
city duh
Sunny or Rainy days -
windy day beta
Friends or Family -
-Have you ever-
Lied - duh ~
Stole something - wooo....am i a thief?
Smoked - hate smoking !!
Hurt someone close to you - eee...am i a heartbreaker?lol...idk
Broke someone's heart - LOL....maybe i did? well...sorry =(
Had your heart broken - haha..some1 special will mend it for me C=
Wondered what was wrong with you - o.o? im perfect =p
Wish you were a prince/princess - princess n a happy ending
Liked someone who was taken - no....didnt try tht b4..lol
Shaved your head - gawd NO!! unless im insane
Been in love - duh.who doesnt
Used chopsticks - sure.
Sang in the mirror to yourself -o.o i guess the mirror will break =x
Flower -duno...
Candy - lollipop ! wif rainbow colours
Song - depends.
Scent - o.o?wad scent....
Color -white black pink purple
Movie - comedy...laugh till drop
Singer - idk
Word - wad la stupid *my commonly used*
Junk food - diet arrr
Website - random
Location - o.o
Animal -puppy
Ever cried over someone - duh...especially when i care for them
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - prettier !! =p
Do you think you're attractive - haaa...y ask me...ask others opinion laaaa
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose -cinderella...n they live happily ever after =p
Do you play any sports - badminton. swimming. gym.
The rules:-
Link to your tagger and post these rules.
-List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people
1.cant live without frens
2.music cure me
3.currently into keyboard
4.love watching ppl dance =p sadly i don =(
5.afraid to be forgotten n left out
6.im a shopaholic.n just wana have fun
7.i wish spm would be abolished..hhaha
8.i love him
People I tag:
3.bigk n sk