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• Deh Long Journey ♥
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 ' ♥
the ended love; 11:07 AM

ciaoz 2008 , hello 2009 !!
weeee....today is the last day of 2008.
and i hope it would be a memorable day for me
cuz the end of last year WAS ! hoho..n i did had totally loadda fun last year ^.^v
k..this year is tough for me.
leaving the past,moving into a new environment .where i have to say farewell to everything i used to had,used to be my accompany.and starting a new high school life in a completly different environment.everything had to start from zero and i had to put my effort building it up. i can tell you,it wasnt EASY at all,well at least for me.but i guess i made it anyhow,and that treally taught me aLOT. learning new stuff and meeting new people is fun.tho we would be left out sometimes, but the most important thing is- getting used to it n learn not to be afraid&try making friends n treating ppl nicely even if they dont do that to u. and i've done that pretty well compared to when i first got there.overall, transfering to a new sch could be tough but fun as well. yeap, and i had gain new experiences in life,that make the difference. =)
if you ask did i regret,i would say:that's life.you make that move,you live to it.
my new year resolution:
1. i wana be an happy angel
2. no more unhappy moments n shedding tears
3. do my best in spm. craving for A's !!!!
4. to be more cheerful towards life
5. i want my family to be happy
6. take undang and driving test ASAP !!!
7. wish i could get everything i WANT ! =p
8. i wana meet new people =D
9. have more excietment in life
10. wish friendship could last

i want next year to be better