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Wednesday, December 24, 2008 ' ♥
the ended love; 12:11 PM

Flawless desirable is just a fairytale aint a realization
i've realise this yesterday and i so agree with this. cuz everything i desire it wouldnt turn out perfectly right.
even though i spent time , my effort in it, all i get at the end are just craps,rubbish dissapointment.and everytime i felt so sad bout it.n with no where to turn to
sometimes i just felt like pouring, like bursting,hiding under my blanket crying it out loud when everything seemed so wrong.but its way too dramatic n pathetic.
yet my heart still cripple,it ache,it hurts.
but who could feel it except me? noone would understand this feeling of mine.even if u said u understand,u could feel it.but i still wouldnt believe cuz its far too undescribable n suffocating.
There's a urge in me,telling me to give up,throw everything away,letting it go to make myself better cuz no matter how much i tried it still dissapoint me.
but there's also another voice inside my heart giving me the courage not to give up,to stand strong even if everything screwed up even you too.cuz its belief that every good has bad in it. every perfection have flaws. and every happiness must have obstacles .for those gave strength and trust.but at times, i felt u still wouldnt share ur thoughts with me,n at times i felt maybe u would rather spend time with ur friends? ah..but i said none..just let it be.cuz its ur life,ur choice.do what make u feel happy. =)
For the love i had,i choose to stick to that voice cuz i hope its worthful.
i know im not the only one trying hard.u too gave ur best. and i treasure it.
but when things get so screwed up,i couldnt hold my emotions.n that made us worse.
and i know sorry isnt just the thing.
i dont know if u ever get to see this,
but i just wana post it out
since i couldnt tell u how i felt.
n i hope u would
*whoa...this is like the deepest n most meaningful post ever..Lol~
ah..but whatever larhx...
its christmas eve n i cant believe im feeling abit emo [ =.=! ]
i want my mood back...=D
merry christmas all ;)