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• Deh Long Journey ♥
Monday, November 17, 2008 ' ♥
the ended love; 8:34 AM

woke up this morning feeling so damn bithcy.couldnt sleep well last night.i guess i have said and done something wrong again.i shouldnt have started that row.now i make u feel suckish too.sigh.sometimes i really HATE myself.the right word just don seems to come out from me.tho the words i said,maybe its too hurtful,n its piercing ur heart , i wouldnt know but i didnt really mean it.you might say its too late cuz scars n wounds are left.u have tried hard enough to change n yes i know.i tried my very best too.maybe you would thought that im asking for too much,far too much than u could give,but hey,i just want u to be urself n live comfortable with it.maybe u would feel much better. n its fine if u wouldnt change,i dont request anything. just want u to be fine .now im only hoping for this:forget bout what i've said yesterday.forgive me will u? =( i hate my childish act and nonsence i've said.

a very big sorry to someone i've hurt so much,tho i didnt mean to.


i know i've hurt u alot but i didnt really mean to
scars and wound are craved on ur heart.
maybe ur bleeding deep inside
n thought that i wouldnt know
but no,
tho i care but i didnt mention it
i tried standing up strong
but sometimes i just wish someone could be by my side
but anyhow,it depends on you to choose
whether to stand with me
let me with the emptiness
maybe u r unsecure too.maybe u couldnt find ur pace
but still,i couldnt bear to leave u behind struggling.
as i
understand the feeling of being left behind
forgotten n abandon
im not invisible,you know.
i have a heart too.with emotions in it.

*this is specially for someone,if u ever get to read this*