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♥ Let love start .

• Deh Long Journey ♥
Sunday, November 30, 2008 ' ♥
the ended love; 11:52 PM

i am just craving for that little bit
is it really that hard?

maybe im asking for too much
gawd.stop thinking~
i need my sleep right now
so exhausted.
hadnt been feeling good for the past few weeks
so what?who cares.
everything is burried
for the sake of not messing things up.
thats all.
and even if i did.it make no difference at all.
maybe i need an wild outing, shopping spree i guess
where i could just taste the sweet moment.
even if its just that one second.i wouldnt care.
just wana throw all sort of thoughts away
and forget everything
to be myself again.
right..stop crappin'...
to bed...nitez~
i miss u. i miss us.
n ur feeling that comfort me the most
but why cant i feel it or even u?
as if we are so far apart.
i seemed to be strong n take it as nothing
but the truth is
that i am fragile
n i do care.even if u dont.
xo xo
. all i could do is go to bed and hope that tomorrow would be a brand new start of everything new .