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• Deh Long Journey ♥
Saturday, November 15, 2008 ' ♥
the ended love; 6:45 PM












awaken by the chilling weather.its was raining outside.n yea,the rain woke me up that early.groan...tho im hiding under my blanket but i could still feel the freeze...
LoL...poor me... its a rainy morning n i should've spent that time sleeping XD too bad i didnt ..... went manicuring instead.. and and and....my toes are black now....oh yeah..with diamonds on it too...muaahas =p LOL... ignore me..you know, GIRLS...herhsherhs...

n im off to that 3 hours longggg tuition...bla bla bla...cant believe i forgot to bring my phone..and and and..i brought my pencilcase without pencil in it!! lol...lmao
its an sooooooo ordinary saturday for me..as usual...
i somehow wish my life could be exhilarating...it would be,wouldnt it? i swore i would make it as enjoyable as possible ...

tata....signing off..xo

physic physic physic..and she's still smiling! lol

aww...too bad huifun's face couldn't fit XD

there...show everyone ur pretty face XD

snap! a short hair after four years of long hair..pheww..felt so relief..

im feeling empty today.