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• Deh Long Journey ♥
Sunday, November 16, 2008 ' ♥
the ended love; 8:01 PM

im exhausted. just came back from my shopping trip at klcc.the place was soooo PACKED n CROWDED . i didnt shop much....couldnt even get a pair of skinny jeans that i wanted it so badly for months n where's my pair of fab shoe that i saw at VOIR ?! T.T and and and where's my electronic keyboard that they've promise to buy for me? herherh...* i've decided to take keyboard lesson during the hols...can spare some time learning it* ... ended up i went home empty handed... so unsatisfying....sobx! =(

i lurveeeeee~

skinny jeans!! i want i want i want it XD

can someone get me one of those? LOL

aww..high heels~my fav

herhxherhx...anyway..i got a free makeover cuz my mum brought skin care stuff n it cost bout 1000bucks?! wth~thats why they gave me a total makeover ... that lady started off with foundation , a light purple eye shadow , black liner... *the liner really hurt my eyes..ouch!*,mascara n then to blusher and and and finally lipgloss... tada.....DONE! but i dun really like it ..with powder n stuff on my face.. =.= n not to mention that the makeup removing process was terrifying....waterproof black liner was hard to remove n it made my eyes all black dirt...eew...

women~skin care n cosmetic


im just trying to make things better.is it that hard?